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New Edited Volume Third Party Sex Work and Pimps in the Age of Anti-Trafficking — By Amber Horning and Anthony Marcus

© 2017

Third Party Sex Work and Pimps

in the Age of Anti-trafficking


Editors: Horning, Amber, Marcus, Anthony (Eds.)

??This volume is the first comprehensive compilation of scholarly works on pimps


This volume is a compilation of new original qualitative and ethnographic research on pimps and other third party facilitators of commercial sex from the developed and developing world. From African-American pimps in the United States and Eastern European migrants in Germany to Brazilian cafetãos and cafetinas this volume features the lives and voices of the men and women who enable diverse and culturally distinct sex markets around the world. In scholarly, popular, and policy-making discourses, such individuals are typically viewed as larger-than-life hustlers, violent predators, and brutal exploiters. However, there is actually very little empirical research-based knowledge about how pimps and third party facilitators actually live, labor, and make meaning in their everyday lives. Nearly all previous knowledge derives from hearsay and post-hoc reporting from ex-sex-workers, customers, police and government agents, neighbors, and self-aggrandizing fictionalized memoirs.


This volume is the first published compilation of empirically researched data and analysis about pimps and third parties working in the sex trade across the globe. Situated in an age of highly punitive and ubiquitous global anti-trafficking law, it challenges highly charged public policy stereotypes that conflate pimping and sex trafficking, in order to understand the lived experience of pimps and the men and women whose work they facilitate.


Table of contents (9 chapters)

  • Introduction: In Search of Pimps and Other Varieties

    Horning, Amber (et al.)

    Pages 1-13

  • Sympathy for the Devil: Pimps, Agents, and Third Parties Involved in the Sale of Sex in Rio de Janeiro

    Blanchette, Thaddeus Gregory (et al.)

    Pages 15-47

  • Loved or Seduced? Intimate Relationships Between Hungarian Sex Workers and Pimps in Berlin’s Kurfürstenstraße

    Katona, Noemi

    Pages 49-69

  • Pimps, Bottoms, and the Nexus of Caring and Cash in a Harlem Sex Market

    Horning, Amber (et al.)

    Pages 71-88

  • Managers’ Rules About Sex Workers’ Health and Safety in the Illicit Online Sex Market: Considering Profits and Risks

    Finn, Mary A. (et al.)

    Pages 89-110

  • Exit from the Game: Ex-pimps and Desistance in the U.S.A

    Davis, Holly

    Pages 111-129

  • Managing Conflict: An Examination of Three-Way Alliances in Canadian Escort and Massage Businesses

    Casey, Lauren (et al.)

    Pages 131-149

  • Perceptions About Pimps in an Upscale Mega Brothel in Germany

    Staiger, Annegret

    Pages 151-176

  • Black Pimps Matter: Racially Selective Identification and Prosecution of Sex Trafficking in the United States

    Williamson, Kathleen G. (et al.)

    Pages 177-196