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New Book on Network Simulation, co-authored by Bilal Khan

by Guizan, Rayes, Khan and Al-Fuqaha

Network technologies are growing more complex by the day. So, one of the most important requirements for assuring the correct operation and rendering of the promised service to demanding customers is to make sure that the network is robust. To assure that the network is designed properly to support all these demands before being operational, one should use the correct means to model and simulate the design and carry out enough experimentation. So, the process of building good simulation models is extremely important in such environments, which led to the idea of writing this book.

In this book we choose to introduce generic simulation concepts and frameworks in the earlier chapters and avoid creating examples that tie the concepts to a specific industry or a certain tool. In later chapters we provide examples that tie the simulation concepts and frameworks presented in the earlier chapters to computer and telecommunication networks. We believe that this will help illustrate the process of mapping the generic simulation concepts to a specific industry.

Therefore, we have concentrated on the core concepts of systems simulation and modeling. We also focus on equipping the reader with the tools and strategies needed to build simulation models and solutions from the ground up rather than provide solutions to specific problems. In addition, we present code examples to illustrate the implementation process of commonly encountered simulation tasks….