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SNRG’s NHBS NYC-team begins IDU Round (2012)

During 2012, the NYC National Behavioral Surveillance (NHBS) NYC team will recruit 500 New Yorkers who inject drugs, interview them about HIV risk and protective behaviors, and HIV testing history, and test them for HIV. As in past studies the team has conducted with NYC injection drug users (IDU), NHBS-IDU3 will use Respondent Driven Sampling to recruit the study sample, taking advantage of peer networks both to recruit study participants, and gain understanding of the network dynamics of HIV transmission in this high-risk population. The team recently received additional funds from the CDC to conduct Hepatitis B and C testing in conjunction with the main NYC NHBS-IDU3 study.

The team recently submitted a report to the CDC summarizing research about NYC IDU since the last such cycle in 2009. Of the 22 NYC IDU-related papers published from 2009-2011 identified through PubMed and Google Scholar searches, 5 were NHBS-based papers by the team, with another 6 by team members collaborating with others on other datasets.

The NYC NHBS team recently completed all data cleaning on the interview data from the 508 NYC MSM recruited during the 2011 recruiting cycle. Analysis and write-up will now get underway.