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Grant Application submitted to Submitted to AusAID DEVELOPMENT RESEARCH AWARDS SCHEME

PIs: Anthony Marcus and Chitra Raghavan
Methodologist: Kirk Dombrowski
Partner Organization: Trickle Up India & Trickle Up New York
Sept 21, 2012
A Social Network Analysis among Ultra-Poor Women in Eastern India
This research will examine the impact of poverty alleviation graduation programs on the social networks, social capital, and socio-economic outcomes of women living in ultra-poverty with the goal of developing new understandings of the nature of ultra-poverty and pathways out of that poverty. It draws on an assessment of a CGAP/Ford Foundation supported graduation program for the ultra-poor implemented by Trickle Up in northeast India, and implements the social network assessment techniques developed by SNRG for research in Inuit communities in Labrador, Canada. The proposal involves the novel use of validated social network research methods for the purpose of assessment and enhancement of the efficacy, scalability and sustainability of livelihoods programming for women and their households living in ultra-poverty.