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Article and Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology

Published by Dialectical Anthropology — online first
“Peeling the Onion: Domestically Trafficked Minors and Other Sex Work Involved Youth”
by Amber Horning

A critical review of three recent works addressing human trafficking among minors: Rachel Llyod’s Girls Like Us, Meredith Dank’s The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children, and Ric Curtis, Karen Terry, Meredith Dank, Kirk Dombrowski and Bilal Khan’s report to the National Institute of Justice: The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in New York City. Drawing on her own research with several dozen young pimps in New York City, Horning argues that these works together suggest an urgent need to refocus resources on understanding the problems that youth involved in sex work face including a lack of support, job opportunities and resources, and clearly defined exit routes.

Special Issue of Dialectical Anthropology: Anti-Anti-Trafficking? – Towards an Ethnography of Human Trafficking
due for publication in March
Editors Ed Snajdr and Anthony Marcus
This special issue of Dialectical Anthropology aims to critically examine how human trafficking discourses, laws and interventions complicate efforts to define, address and engage with the issue and how these responses and engagements problematize ideas of agency, consent and individual autonomy. These themes are explored from the perspective of anthropology and in particular through the lens of ethnographic research conducted in the field, both from its peripheries and among the central networks of sex workers, forced laborers and the organizations, and governments clamoring to assist them. From the favelas of Brazil or the steppes of Kazakhstan to US juvenile offender assessment centers, the digital networks of Craigslist and Backpage, or a military base in Bosnia, these ethnographic engagements seek to shed a critical light on the nuances, narratives and conundrums of human trafficking and the policies and practices devised to eradicate it.