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Travis Wendel, JD, PhD, has been an ethnographer working with marginalized populations in NYC since 1996. He is Research Director of St. Ann’s Corner of Harm Reduction in the South Bronx, and Co-Principal Investigator on a NIDA-funded study of HIV, HCV, and drug-abuse risks among young prescription opioid users transitioning to heroin use. From 2005-13, he served as Project Director (2005-7), Co-Investigator (2008-10), and Principal Investigator (2011-13) on the CDC-sponsored NYC National HIV Behavioral Surveillance study, recruiting, interviewing, and providing HIV and HCV testing to more than 4,400 New Yorkers from high-risk populations. Dr Wendel’s research interests center around the social organization of markets in illicit commodities, the role of social networks in those markets, and how public health is affected by criminal justice interventions in those markets. Prior to entering upon a research career, he worked as a bicycle messenger, cook, and nightclub bouncer. His favorite color is green.

Travis Wendel